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Our Doctors at Geniale are highly trained and experienced in the latest, state of the art technology and procedures in managing urinary incontinence treatment.

What you can expect:

  • Over 50% improvement after first treatment.
  • No down time with only 30 minute, painless treatments (2-3 treatments, 4 week intervals).
  • Natural vaginal tissue rejuvenation for youthful pelvic collagen tissue.

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the treatment

Géniale’s Laser Urinary Incontinence Treatment is designed for the treatment of mild and moderate stress and mixed urinary incontinence (SUI). Our procedure uses precise and controlled laser induced thermals in the mucosa tissue in the region surrounding the urethra and front vaginal wall. The procedure is incision-less and virtually painless, allowing you to immediately return to everyday activities without a need for analgesics or antibiotics.

Laser treatment is ideal for those women who have prolapse of the uterus resulting in incontinence. The laser treatment is effective in mild to moderate prolapse and substantially improves your quality of life. In comparison to surgery, laser treatment has no side effects, it is painless and is an uncomplicated procedure. It is known as the lunchtime procedure.

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